Responsive Design

Retina Display

Admin Dashboard

Lightning Fast With Built-in
Cache System

Supports Auto-Resolution

Using Bootstrap 3.2.0
& FontAwesome 4.1

Build With Codeingiter Framework

Plugged with RSS Sitemap

Supports Multi XML Sitemap

Advanced Search with Color Picker
as intelligence to search by related colors

Frontend Live Demo (USER PASS:123ws)

Search engine friendly URLs - Each & every page you can control url.

Breadcrumbs navigation

Canonical urls - Set a preferred URL for your content.

Multi XML Sitemap - Xml sitemap has some rules to follow sitemap file can't contain more than 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 50 MB uncompressed. So here Multi Xml sitemap works it divide Sitemap to multiple by giving LIMIT

Dynamic meta Tags - Customize Each Page Meta Data like Title,Description,Keywords

404 Custom Page

Users Profile Page - Coming Soon

User Uploads - User Can able to upload image or by providing valid url (Admin can restrict this access).

Tags Cloud

Data Caching - The first time a web page is loaded, the query result object will be serialized and stored in a text file on your server. The next time the page is loaded the cache file will be used instead of accessing your database. Your database usage can effectively be reduced to zero for any pages that have been cached.

Auto Resolution - Suppose if your resolution is 1000x1000 and this resolution is not added by admin. Then Auto Resolution allow images to resize and download but only if original image size should greater then users resolution. Because every one should get happy :)

Comments - You can choose either to use facebook Comment System or built in comment System

Multi Child Category - You can add,delete,modify Multi Category at any time. Even You can move group of a category under the category of other category or parent category

RSS Plug

Search Filtration - Search By Image Name,Tags,Date,Time,Category,Color. Sort By Views,Download,Latest,Rating,Favourites

Spammers Block - Enable Human Verification with the help of Google reCaptcha

Social Network Login - Connect With Facebook, Login any time when you are lazy to enter user details

Build a cover image for your Facebook Profile - Crop and Set image as your cover picture for your facebook profile

Backend Live Demo PASS:123ws)

User Management - Manage all users - Edit, Delete, Create New - Can also change user type (admin.user), Search Users By name status,access Type More.

WebSite Configuration - Site Name, HashIDSession Key, Admin Email, Items Per Page, Tracking Code, Enable Captcha, Disable Registration, User Email Confirm, Minify HTML Output, User Can Upload Wallpaper, User Can Post Comments, Comment Has To Be Moderated, Image Quality, Bad Words, Minimum Width, Minimum Height, reCaptcha Private Code, reCaptcha Public Code, Facebook AppId, Facebook Secret, Display Only Available Resolutions, Display Only Available Category, Display Wallpaper View Page, Facebook Comment, Comment Limit, Set Global Time Zone, Related Wallpaper Limit, Rss Limit, Office Address, Contact Email, Auto Approve Users Updated Wallpapers, Xml Sitemap Limit (MORE)..

Category Management - Manage all users - Edit, Delete, Create New - Can also change user type (admin.user), Search Users By name status,access Type More.

Wallpapers Management - Manage Wallpapers - Add,delete,edit, Inline Edit (something similar to wordpress post edit without going to the post) You can edit some basic columns like name slug,category,image status,Image Postition Featured,Approved,tags. These changes will apply through ajax submit you can make changes without refreshing or going to that pages. But you can also edit other setting if you click on edit button of the image.

Resolution & its Group Management - Manage Resolutions & Group - Add, Edit, Delete Resolution with its Group (This Settings are to guide users to navigate resolution).

Bulk Upload - Create dynamic categories by creating folders, each and ever folder under "bulk upload" folder act as category if that category does not exists it will create a new category in database. You can create Current categories folder structure to "bulk upload" folder any time. (ZIP Upload will available in the next update)

Language Manager - Customize your language (Default English)

Meta Data Manager - Manage pages meta data based on selected language. You can switch "meta data" values based on language selection.

Routes Management - Modify every page url how ever you like. No need to play with htaccess

Cache Clean - Remove all cache files or you can clean for selected zone like "category page" "wallpapers page" Etc

Multi Xml site map & Robots.txt - Update xml site map for selected type or all. You can also regenerate robots.txt file